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krissy brady

Meet your new bestie: paradoxical intention.

You know that thing where you want to fall asleep faster and your body actually does it? Yeah, me neither. In fact, the second I decide it’s time for bed my body revs up like I’ve been funneling coffee.

The one thing that’s helping me counteract this annoying cycle is…

The next time you can’t stop rambling, use one of these situation-based strategies to hit the verbal brakes.

When you’re trapped in a conversation with someone who clearly doesn’t know how to stop rambling, it can make you wish stealthily trading places with a cardboard cutout of yourself was an option. …

krissy brady

unhealthy health writer. smorgasbord of emotional baggage. I don’t like to move it move it. words: cosmo, huffpost, livestrong, prevention, shondaland + more.

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