How to Boost Your Mood Right This Second

krissy brady | #clubmeh
2 min readOct 17, 2022

This might be the easiest way to boost your mood and reduce stress, according to recent research.

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When you’re feeling blah with a side of meh (otherwise known as consciousness), the easiest way to boost your mood might be to do something you’re good at, recent research suggests.

In a small 2022 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, researchers from The Ohio State University found that sad people’s moods improved more quickly when they used a mood-boosting method they perceived as being one of their strengths, versus one they felt wasn’t their forte.

Researchers have yet to identify what makes focusing on your strengths an effective mood-booster, exactly, but one theory is it doesn’t undercut your confidence the way a weakness-centric approach does (say, trying to boost your mood in ways that come highly recommended but don’t feel authentic to you), therefore enhancing psychological wellbeing and acting as a defense against perceived stress.

Bottom line: If practicing gratitude triggers your gag reflex but you can crochet a mean sweater, I’ll take one in medium.

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krissy brady | #clubmeh

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